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Henri mirror

Henri mirror

Henri is a beautiful, gold-tone mirror with a natural patina in an antique style. The mirror is made using traditional craftsmanship, so each frame has its own unique blend of naturally occurring craquelure and colour variations.

The mirror has a red undertone under the gold leaf, which is then lacquered with a matte, green-tinted varnish to achieve a flawless antique look.

Henri d’Orléans (1908-1999), also known as the “Count of Paris”, was born and baptised in France at the beautiful Château du Nouvion-en-Thiérache. This huge and handsome brick castle is located in what was once the Duchy of Guise. Henri’s father was Jean, Duke of Guise, and his mother was Isabelle of Orléans. His mother found life in the rural castle to be a boring affair and transplanted the family to Morocco, where Henri grew up. The Orléanists , who plotted to overthrow the French royal house in the mid-1800s, had plans to make Henri the next king of France. Their plan never came to fruition, and Henri’s life instead became an endless parade of conflicts and legal proceedings as he ran through the family fortune supporting himself and his mistress. Our Henri mirror has been created with inspiration from the swanky Château du Nouvion-en-Thiérache, the birthplace of Henri, the Count of Paris.


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