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Äng, brass

Äng, brass

A wonderful vase which won Interior Accessory of the Year at the Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2014. Designed by Eva Schildt for KLONG. The vase is made from bronze with a glass insert, with the carved metal frame acting as an in-built flower support. 

Äng care instructions: The brass is varnished to cope with being in contact with water, but do wipe off any plant residue from the brass surface. If the water in the brass vase is not changed often, then plant fluids/particles can damage the brass, leading to discoloration. Wash the insert with water and normal detergent, without any abrasives. If any plant fluids have got into the varnish, it can be hard to remove  – it is therefore important to ensure any residue is wiped away as soon as possible. If there are any spots that have occurred in the varnish, it is best to first use white spirits or thinner (to remove the varnish) and then to use brass polish. Brass does require regular maintenance.

We recommend the Swedish brand copper/brass polish, Bistro.


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  • Klong

  • Mässing

  • Mässing / glas

  • Ø: 13 x H: 9 cm

  • 18314

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